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We use influencer marketing, data analytics, and machine learning to promote artists' music in the most effective and organic way possible.


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I want to promote my music

As artists ourselves, we understand the struggle of spending all your time perfecting your sound and then realize you're not sure how to stand out from the rest of the noise. We decided to build a platform to help with that.  We find what you potential fans like to watch and put your music in those videos. Whether your style is experimental niche or crispy pop, we've got you covered.








I want songs for my video content

You are a social media guru with thousands or even millions of followers but want to improve your production quality with professional music, suited to your brand. We curate music for you that improves your viewer retention and engagement. And you have all the rights to play the music too!




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About Us

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Richard "Massey" Branscomb

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CEO - Richard “Massey” Branscomb transitioned from award-winning physics research to making stuff, also things. 

Kevin Parmer

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Full stack developer with 3 years of comp sci at UH. Former touring musician and experienced team manager.

Valentine Suvryov

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Full stack developer with a focus on backend, but somehow also a keen eye for design. Plays in a metal band.


Abhishek Bose

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Datascientist and backend developer with a MS degree from North Eastern. Avid photographer, all around pal.